Updates: Jinro wins Showmatch - North American Star League!

Jinro wins the Showmatch vs. IdrA 4-2, it was an interesting series where I don't think IdrA showed his capabilities. Many blunders from the Zerg player, such as not getting baneling speed in the last game. Regardless, it was entertaining to watch!

And onto the big announcement that was promised at the end of this series; there is now going to be a new Starcraft League, the: North American Star League (NASL)

http://www.nasl.tv/ is the link, check it out!


  1. great to watch thanks for sharing.

  2. not that i saw any matches other than this one, but that was a great game!

  3. I watched the end of it, it was really confusing haha but i think im starting to get it