GSL Code S Finals - Winner Announced

Videos: http://www.gomtv.net/2011gslsponsors1/vod/60500

1SET Scrap Station - IMMvp
2SET Metalopolis - IMMvp
3SET Xel'Naga Caverns - IMMvp
4SET Blistering Sands - IMMvp

IMMvp defeats MarineKingPrime.WE 4-0 to become the Code S Finals winner. The TvT series was average, not a whole lot that really screams "OMG THAT WAS AMAZING" nonetheless, a well deserved win.

GOMTV Announces New Maps for the GSL!

Looks I can stop reviewing the "upcoming" GSL maps and start summarizing the ones which are now official!

1. Crossfire SE

2. Tal'Darim Altar

3. Crevass

4. Terminus RE


These new additions bring the map pool to this:

Crevass, Crossfire SE, Tal'Darim Altar, Terminus RE.

*They are still keeping some of Blizzard's ladder maps in the pool:
Lost Temple, Metalopolis, Scrap Station, Shakuras Plateau, Xel'Naga Caverns, *

(Note: You can play these new GSL maps "GSL" when you create a custom match online. Better get practicing, I would not be surprised if they added a couple of these to Blizzard's ladder.)


GSL Map #2 GSL Biohazard II 1.1

I like this one, it's nicely sized with an interesting mid-field setup.


- 1 Xel'Naga watchtower in the middle, closely surrounded by Line-Of-Sight brush.
- Easily defended natural expansion

Around the corner after leaving your natural expansion, you can follow a somewhat large causeway and find a gold expansion which does not have any geysers at it.

Just next to the Gold minerals there is a blue expansion. At first glance it seems like there is only one entrance: the way you came in; but there is a small mouse-hole covered by Line-Of-Sight brush that units can sneak through. (Best to keep that walled off ASAP unless you have map control)

Other then that, the map is quite basic. There aren't many changes in eleveation apart from your main bases. The expansions throughout the map are surrounded by natural walls which I believe can have units dropped on them for easy harrassment. Regardless of how basic this set-up is, I think it will bring about some interesting gameplay with these large open spaces, natural walls everywhere combined with a lack of elevation differentials.

GSL Map #1: Legacy of the Void

The first map I will be evaluating is GSL Legacy of the Void.

This GSL map seems to not be following the recent trend of having no gas with your gold minerals. I am not sure what to think of this, so far I have no opinions for or against having gas geysers at gold minerals. I'll talk about that later, now back to the map:

- 1 Xel'Naga, directly in the middle of the map. Has view of the two gold expansions = high value target.
- 2 somewhat evenly spaced natural expansions, both have multiple ramps that access them. The furthest-away natural expansion only has 1500 gas in each geyser, which will.
- 2 more blue mineral expansions, with destructible rocks. 2500 in the geysers.
- 2 Gold expansions on east and west side of the map, parallel from the middle. Both guarded by destructible rocks.

The map seems pretty basic, normal amount of cliffs / ramps, nothing too special or different obscure. It is continuing the trend of these new GSL maps by having large open spaces and larger ramps, something I hope will continue (as a Zerg player, I love open spaces and large ramps)


The New GSL Maps

The GSL has produced a variety of new maps and claim that some of these maps will be used in their tournaments. It's about time! Ever since Starcraft 2's release I have been ranting about the style of maps blizzard produced for its ladder. In my opinion the maps were lackluster compared to those we saw in Starcraft 1.

I am just now joining a 'King of the Hill' game from channel /v/koth (subsidiary of channel /v/) where they seem to be rotating through the GSL maps. This is my first time seeing these maps. I will go through each one 1 by 1 as we play them and critique them.

Stay tuned for more!

Starcraft 2 Daily Introduction

This is the first entry in my new blog, Starcraft 2 Daily, which will encompass all things Starcraft 2.

Whether you are a Casual or Pro-gamer, Starcraft 2 Daily will be a great resource for learning about the latest news, public tournaments, and more!

Stay tuned fore more.