GSL Map #1: Legacy of the Void

The first map I will be evaluating is GSL Legacy of the Void.

This GSL map seems to not be following the recent trend of having no gas with your gold minerals. I am not sure what to think of this, so far I have no opinions for or against having gas geysers at gold minerals. I'll talk about that later, now back to the map:

- 1 Xel'Naga, directly in the middle of the map. Has view of the two gold expansions = high value target.
- 2 somewhat evenly spaced natural expansions, both have multiple ramps that access them. The furthest-away natural expansion only has 1500 gas in each geyser, which will.
- 2 more blue mineral expansions, with destructible rocks. 2500 in the geysers.
- 2 Gold expansions on east and west side of the map, parallel from the middle. Both guarded by destructible rocks.

The map seems pretty basic, normal amount of cliffs / ramps, nothing too special or different obscure. It is continuing the trend of these new GSL maps by having large open spaces and larger ramps, something I hope will continue (as a Zerg player, I love open spaces and large ramps)

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  1. sc seems like such an odd game, still have yet to play it, idk why.