GSL Map #2 GSL Biohazard II 1.1

I like this one, it's nicely sized with an interesting mid-field setup.


- 1 Xel'Naga watchtower in the middle, closely surrounded by Line-Of-Sight brush.
- Easily defended natural expansion

Around the corner after leaving your natural expansion, you can follow a somewhat large causeway and find a gold expansion which does not have any geysers at it.

Just next to the Gold minerals there is a blue expansion. At first glance it seems like there is only one entrance: the way you came in; but there is a small mouse-hole covered by Line-Of-Sight brush that units can sneak through. (Best to keep that walled off ASAP unless you have map control)

Other then that, the map is quite basic. There aren't many changes in eleveation apart from your main bases. The expansions throughout the map are surrounded by natural walls which I believe can have units dropped on them for easy harrassment. Regardless of how basic this set-up is, I think it will bring about some interesting gameplay with these large open spaces, natural walls everywhere combined with a lack of elevation differentials.

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